With a combined experience of over 34 years in working with businesses of all sizes, we go beyond making pretty visuals and help individuals, teams and businesses to create experiences that leave a lasting positive impact as well as legacy.

Building a brand is tough work. With so much to do and so little time, it can be tough to focus on how things look as well. Unfortunately, this is the first thing  your audience sees. Unless it’s done right, they may go somewhere else.

Our Story

Founded in 2009, We envisioned Sevenality as a platform to help businesses reduce the stress of working with creatives. Since then, we’ve gone on to work with brands of all sizes. Helping them to create meaningful experiences and to leverage the best from print design, web design, web development, user experience and brand strategy.

Since our start, we have been focused on being an active part of our community. This has allowed us to help entrepreneurs and companies alike become better social citizens. While increasing avenues for businesses to be sustainable.

As the future of our story continues to be written, we are humbled by the passion and vision of each entrepreneur and team we work with.

Our Mission

To help you to deliver an exceptional brand experience. While improving the world for the better through design.

Building a brand is tough work. With so much to do and so little time, it can be tough to focus on how things look as well. Unfortunately, this is the first thing  your audience sees. Unless it’s done right, they may go somewhere else.

Our Vision

To create brands with purpose.

Our passion for design goes beyond creating beautiful imagery or web experiences. We focus on the consumer and the audience. We believe good design shouldn’t be about shouting and putting on an act but instead should be about solving problems and improving lives. Positioning brands so they can stand out as well as stand for something.

Our vision is to help improve the world through design.

The Benefits We Bring

We can help you structure and materialize your brand and design strategy. To move from the ad-hoc management of random parts to having a clear vision and mission—a roadmap and strategy that allows you to become audience-centric and impact driven. After all audience-centric impact brands outperform the competition, they have better reputations and attract more support.

We can help improve the culture of your brand and take your strategy from a dream to a reality. Becoming a audience-centric brand takes holistic change. The digital space has changed the world and brands need to adapt accordingly, but that is not always easy to do from the inside. That is where we can help.

We can provide continued support for digital leaders and influencers. Transformation into a audience-centric brand takes time and a lot of intentional effort. It involves hundreds, if not thousands of decisions and discussions regularly. Having an outside perspective and resource you can turn to makes all the difference.

We can help educate colleagues, management, and vendors about the benefits of becoming audience-centric, service-orientated, and digital-first. We can provide training that will help everyone to be aligned around the brand mission and adopt best practices. We can also collaborate with management to help them in their time of change.

Who We Help

Whether you run a digital agency, offer traditional services, or work as a freelancer, we can help. We even assist startups and non-profits. We can help build your reputation, grow your brand, and achieve your business goals.

Learn how we can help you build an essential loveable brand!

The JustUs League

David Yarde

Creative Director & Partner

David Yarde is a creative director and brand strategy consultant focused on building better communities by building better brands, utilizing his 17+ years of experience in design, software engineering and creating practical and productive user experiences for brands of all sizes from Merriam-Webster and Johnson & Johnson to the startup owner with a passion to make the world better.

David is a firm believer in helping others aim always upward and is also sometimes called Batman.

Angelica Yarde

Partner & Director Of Projects

Angelica has been a designer and developer for well over a decade and is passionate about helping brands achieve their goals using design and user-experience based solutions.

Aside from being the co-founder of Sevenality, Angelica is also the owner of Studio 404 Paper and co-host of the Heart + Hustle Podcast, a weekly podcast focused on giving creative entrepreneurs the tools they need to achieve with life-work balance.

Here's what others have to say about us!

I'm absolutely thrilled with the graphics and designs that I've received from David and Sevenality. Within days of adding their work to my website platforms, my sales increased by 15%! It's led to an extra $5,000 in revenue.

I've been told my branding is MUCH more professional and it's already lead to new clients. I HIGHLY recommend you hire Sevenality because they are worth every single penny.

Kimanzi Constable

It was so amazing to work with David. He first was interested in my business and why I do what I do. This is the first indication of a true business professional who is more interested in his client first. I had a few issues with my website and he fixed everything quickly. I would highly recommend using Sevenality for any of your website needs.

Kimberly Meyers - Fitness Kinektions

Professional and flexible, 10 of 10!

Denise Cruz - Inner Potential

Working with Sevenality was an absolute pleasure. David and Angelica are incredibly professional. I loved that they understand the design element of the project and then are able to translate that into a finished product with their technical expertise. Their work ethic, combined with their expertise and professionalism made working with Sevenality a 100% win!

Jenny K. - Ruby Red Cleaning

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