Branding Yourself and Your Business – Building a Brand that can Adapt and Thrive

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One of our goals this year as a branding firm is to share more of our process and insights with our community. Recently, we had the opportunity to present a talk on personal and business branding at our local WordPress meetup group.

Branding is hard work and is often said to take close to 18 months to really get your brand going.

What’s important during this process is to not give up. What you invest into your brand will you be rewarded with.

It’s also important to be attune to the needs of your customer. During the talk we went through an activity together with the goal of understanding the tone and messaging side of branding and how to use that in reaching the desired target audience.


Sure, your idea or business service may be awesome and solve a need but if your audience can’t picture themselves using or making an emotional connection to it, then your efforts may be dead in the water when trying to reach them.

Be sure to check out the slides below and be sure to share them with someone that comes to mind that could use a little extra help in the area of branding!