The Brand Communication Paradox

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We’ve found ourselves within a race to connect through inanimate objects in order to build stronger relationships with people. As businesses, we’ve been persuaded that we need to drown our audiences with content marketing campaigns in hope that our net will catch the most fish. In the attempt to “humanize the brand,” the focus shouldn’t be on how much content you can push out; but instead on quality content that will keep people coming back for more.

A study done by the Harvard Business Review revealed that the signal that a brand possesses and shares has very profound effects on whether or not a business generates more demand for its offerings. In the ever increasing marketplace of doing business with trustworthy brands, we no longer trust marketing messages. We’ve been trained to spot and avoid the marketing-based attempts at manipulation.

How do we communicate effectively with the ever increasing pressure of the public appetite for information while maintaining the focus on growth?

The key is to focus on relationships. 

Relationships are the core of what powers everyday transactions whether emotional or financial. Today, many of the connections we make are fickle and fail to create an exceptional customer experience. These connections fail to raise the standard just a little higher each day.

The opportunity to being a brand your customer needs starts with following through on your promises. By focusing more on your specific audience and less on trying to please everyone, you will be able to increase your brand’s appeal to the audience you should be reaching.  Following this approach allows for your customers to have something to connect with.

Effectively communicating allows your brand to become human on its own. This allows your business to thrive simply due to the decision of focusing on what truly matters.

Sometimes a helping hand can allow you to properly locate the area of difficulty that your brand may be experiencing. As a  branding firm, we have faced this issue as most businesses do. During some point in our lives, each and every one of us will struggle with the element of communication. The difference between those who overcome the brand communication paradox and those that don’t is this: one group takes action while the other procrastinates. Which group will your business be found in?