7 Tips For A More Effective Business Card

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Having a effective business card is like having a firm handshake. It can be the determining factor if a person remembers you after the last meetup you attended or if you will be forgotten. It should be inviting and informative.

When properly planned, a business card can effectively relay the most vital information about who you are, what you do and how you can help the person you’re handing it to with their needs. This often overlooked tool can be a powerful asset to building your brand.

Think on these seven tips when looking to make your business cards more effective.

  • Remember that fancy font that only you know what it says? Discard it. Working with a designer that specializes in typefaces can be beneficial not only to the receiver of your business card, but to your brand as well. Keep fonts simple and consistent throughout your design.
  • Keep things simple. Fonts aren’t the only thing that you should focus on. Use your brand colors wisely. This process can be even easier if your business has brand guidelines that it can follow.
  • Focus on what is important. Listing every possible service or product that you do on your card does not impress anyone. Keep things clean and easy to locate.
  • Keep your contact information up to date. Handing someone a business card and then having to cross out a email address makes you look unprofessional and not well prepared.
  • Stop handing them out like candy. This prevents you from running into a situation where you forget who the person is. Take the time to get to know the person you’re handing the card out to.
  • Always get a card back. Cards get lost. People aren’t the best when it comes to remembering. If they don’t have a card, write down their information and put it with your cards.
  • Follow up. Don’t be that person that collects business cards. Give that person a call or send them a email to let them know that you are interested in developing a relationship.

I do hope these tips help you the next time you want to freshen the look on your business cards. If picking the right font and getting everything ready for print seems overwhelming, just give us a call and we’ll help you design a more effective business card. Let’s turn your weak handshake into a firm one.